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About Us

Created in 1992 by María Rosa Mella and Elizabeth Tovar as pioneers in the Professional Organization of Congresses, Conventions, Incentives and Related (OPC). Turenlaces, in addition to being a pioneer in the Meetings Industry, has been a leader in innovation:

1) First company to use an Excel system for group balances;

2) First company with Internationally Certified personnel;

3) First company with a CEO with various international certifications CMM, CCM, CASE, DES, CIS, CMS among others;

4) First company with an International Certification in Digital Event Strategist;

5) First company that held congresses and conventions during and after the pandemic;

6) First company that used Design Thinking to hold events;

7) First Dominican company with a Director occupying international positions in the Meetings Industry (General Secretary and President of COCAL);

8) First company with participant attendance measurement and now

9) First company with specialized event management software that also includes “all inclusuve”.

The company has been the undisputed leader in the Meetings Industry in the Dominican Republic from its foundation to the present with more than 15 international and national awards. Additionally, we were the first Dominican tourist company that obtained the “Certificate of Tourist Quality”.


  • DMC
  • Organization Services for Congresses, Conventions, Incentives, Fairs
  • Event Services
  • Event Design
  • Ticket office
  • Transfers


Elizabeth Tovar


Calle C #32, 2ndo piso

Reparto Esteva, Piantini

Santo Domingo