The City Full of Wonders

Santo Domingo is the city with plenty of wonders if you are looking for travel, history and modernity in one place. There's no doubt that it has so many attractions to offer visitors.

El Conde Street in the Colonial Zone

Photo by Ruddy Corporan

The capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic and the largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean by population. It was the first seat of Spanish colonial rule in New World, Captaincy General of Santo Domingo.

The Colonial Zone declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a mixture of old buildings, forts and palaces that give Santo Domingo unique status among any modern city in world; Botanical Gardens, the Metro, Museum of the Dominican Man and our telecommunications are just few examples.

Santo Domingo is a city where any means of transportation will certainly give you a Dominican local experience. Walking, riding a public bus, the Metro, "Concho" (private vehicles used to charge passengers on a certain road), taxi (or Uber).

By walking, you take in the neighborhoods. The aromas of Dominican kitchens always cooking up something delicious, the sounds of each household and the daily Dominican life or just meet a Dominican who is more than welcome to treat you like family.

Riding on a bus, Concho, taxi or even the Metro will give you the experience of the day to day conversations of what Dominicans are gossiping about. These modes of transportation allow you to take in greater parts of the city at once, later you can choose which area to go back to. It is truly a unique experience. 

Metro of Santo Domingo
Hotel Frances - Colonial Zone

Hotel Frances

By far, a favorite way to get around the city. You always learn something new that you would have never known before if not for taking a chance of getting on one of them.

We all know Dominicans love gossiping and there was no exception during any trip with a local transportation service which made every minute worth spent. This type of information can be priceless because most tourists do not have access to this kind of insider knowledge.

If you want more proof that Santo Domingo has plenty of wonders, just take a look at the Dominican cuisine that has been globally recognized as being one of best in Caribbean. To top it all, our gastronomy is known for combining diverse cooking styles and techniques which culminate into mélange of flavors from Spanish, French, African or local Taino influences.

The city is also very modern, the lifestyle is very active and you can also see this in our nightlife. There are always activities to do, places to go or events happening every week of the year. 

Dominicans a very friendly and hospitable people. You will never feel more welcomed anywhere in the world than here, every single person will show you around and treat you like family.

The capital city has many attractions where visitors can enjoy nature within World Heritage Site; A museum dedicated to Taino's Culture; Old Fort San Felipe de Barajas (one of oldest Spanish Forts in America); Botanical Gardens on 36 acres, golf, a zoo, shopping and art galleries, amongst many other places to see and things to do. 

Santo Domingo is also a great place for conferences, trade shows and incentives. It has the infrastructure and hotels to handle your event needs in a professional way. We have local certified Destination Management Companies and Professional Conference Organizers with years of experience ready to provide any service and local knowledge to host the best events. 

Santo Domingo is a city with plenty of wonders for all ages groups if looking to visit Dominican Republic or just any tourist that wants to get away from typical resort destinations. You can easily combine your vacation in one of our other destinations while also getting an authentic experience through exploring our history, culture and heritage which are very well preserved.

Los 3 ojos

The 3 Eyes (Los 3 Ojos)

Photo by Asael Peña

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