Become a Member


Being part of a group of organized companies, which have common objectives and therefore obtain better results to achieve the development of sustainable tourism.

Promote the country abroad and related activities with its associates.

Carry out promotional, advertising and commercial acts that bring their associated with wholesalers and foreign travel agents who purchase services in our country.

Work together with our associate members to obtain the

better working conditions and improve business relations with them.

Represent their associates before trade union, professional entities, official, national authorities, and other related organizations.

Participate in international events in which similar entities participate.

Carry out any other activity of interest to its associates.

Free publication as an affiliate member on our website and social networks.


To be considered as a receptive tourism operating agency and to prove that it has exercised this function for a minimum time of one (1) year.

Send a letter requesting admission addressed to the Board of Directors of OPETUR together with the duly completed registration form, attaching a copy of the official license issued by the Ministry of Tourism.

Attach a copy of the Commercial Registry.

Attach a copy of the RUT.

Attach three (3) letters of recommendation from three hotels with which you work regularly, certifying the operations you carry out with them.

Attach 2 or 3 letters of recommendations from your International Tour Operator clients.

Attach 2 or 3 references of suppliers of excursions or carriers, including contact name, telephone, fax and e-mail.

The Board of Directors will review the above documents and will submit to all its members the request to join the organization. If there is no objection, admission as a member will be approved and ratified at the next general meeting.

If the entry is approved, the new member must pay the sum of RD$20,000.00, as a registration fee to OPETUR.

Each member must pay a quarterly membership fee as follows: for each Branch RD$5,000.00.

For a tour operator to request re-entry to Opetur, 1 year must have passed after the resignation and the re-entry must be notified before processing it.

For a tour operator to re-apply for Opetur membership, they must pay a re-entry fee of RD$15,000.00.