What foods that come to mind when you think of Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic

Plátano (plantain)

What are plantains and what do they taste like?

Plantains look like bananas but plantains are larger, straight and have thicker skin. Plantains are cooked before eaten since plantain only becomes sweet when it is ripe. There are different ways to cook plantains : boiled, fried, mashed or baked.

What's the difference between plantains and bananas?

Plantains are cooked plantain while bananas are eaten raw.

Plantains in Dominican Republic?

Plantains have been a staple in the Caribbean for a long time that the Taíno Indians ate them... Plantains have been a dietary staple in the Caribbean and Latin America for millennia.

When do you eat plantain?

You can eat plantain at any time of day : breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner. In the DR, basically all the time.

Why do Dominicans love platanos (plantains) so much?

There are many reasons why Dominicans love plantains:

They taste really good, plantain is crispy and sweet on the outside and soft inside

They make you feel full, plantains contain carbohydrates , minerals (sodium, magnesium, phosphorus) and vitamins (A & C).

Plantains are a low-cost fruit that you can find anywhere.

How do you cook them?

Plantains can be boiled, fried, tostones , mashed plantain or plantain baked.

Dishes using platano/plantain:





Sweet and salty: fried sweet plantains topped with sea salt make for a delicious and satisfying snack that may be served as a side dish or appetizer


Tostones are sliced plantains that are fried twice and drenched in salt, cheese, a dipping sauce or pickled pepper mixture.


Mashed plantain.

The name mangú originated back in the first part of the 20th century when the USA was occupying the DR. Dominicans would make the mashed plantains for the American troops and they would respond "Man this is good!". Dominicans not knowing how to speak perfect english, would serve them and say "mangú" thinking that Americans called it "Man Good".

Health benefits of eating plantains

\Diabetics can eat plantain since they contain low glycemic index (GI)

\ People with gallstones or kidney stones can eat them too since plantain is high in fiber.ia good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

\ People with osteoporosis can eat them too since they are rich in calcium and magnesium.

\ Plantain is gluten free

Other ways to use plantains in your diet: plantains can be used as a replacement for bread.

\ Plantain chips

\ Plantains and green vegetables

\ Plantain bananas are characterised by their yellow-green skin and deep brown, sometimes black seeds. They have a firm texture, similar to that of plantains. Green banana plants are young specimens that still have their skins when they're ripe.

\ Plantain green bananas Plantain leaves can be used in place of spinach in certain dishes because they don't have a taste of their own.

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