OPETUR, the Association of Receptive Tourism Operators in the Dominican Republic. The association was founded in 1991 with the goal of optimizing and developing tourism through the integration of its members. It currently has 32 active members representing 90% of the tourists visiting the country. The association's board is composed of several members, and the organization has a mission to defend the interests of its members and promote tourism activities related to its associates. The objectives of the association include promoting the country abroad, carrying out promotional acts, representing its associates before authorities, participating in international events, and engaging in other activities of interest to its members.

Our Mission

We are a general association that offers its members the defense of their interests, providing them with union among themselves for the sake of a common good and promoting in the country and abroad the tourist activities related to its associates, in addition to representing them before official authorities, national organizations, professionals and union entities, among others.

Our Vision

With a strong trade union motivation, we are at the forefront in obtaining conquests, working united with the sectors that make up the tourist activity in the Dominican Republic.

Our Board (2023-2025)

Maria Grazia Battaglia


Elizabeth Tovar


Representative MICE Commission

Doina De Campos

Financial Director

Theresa Sullivan

First Vocal

Sebastien García

Second Vocal

Zobeyda Vargas

Regional Director for the Northern Zone

Juan Tomás Díaz

Regional Director for the Eastern Zone

Jakaira Cid

Regional Director for

Romana - Bayahibe

Office Staff

Yennis Jiménez

Administrative Manager

Miguel Perez


Our Objectives

To promote the country abroad and the activities related to its associates;

To carry out promotional, advertising and commercial acts that bring its associates closer to foreign wholesalers and travel agents, as well as buyers of services in our country; to represent its associates before ground transporters, hoteliers and other service providers, in order to obtain the best working conditions and improve commercial relations with them;

To represent its associates before union, professional and official national authorities and other related organizations;

To participate in international events in which similar entities participate;

To market food products, liquids, and catering services.

To use audiovisual products such as cameras, musical instruments, sound equipment, among others, to achieve its objectives, to hire photographic and cinematographic services, to provide training courses through lectures, workshops, congresses and/or any specialized training service.

To hire professional services to obtain advice and support for business management, such as economic, statistical, industrial, accounting, legal and notarial studies.

To prepare printed materials, books, magazines, tickets, newspapers, silk screen printing, videos, slides and images that facilitate learning for its members and the dissemination of its activities and objectives, to hire journalistic media, broadcasting, TV programs, creation and design of web pages.

To carry out any other activity of interest to its associates.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the Board of Directors may implement the necessary mechanisms, either by creating Committees of Directors responsible for guiding the advertising and commercial promotions of its associates, as well as presenting them before any state or private organizations.