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The Dominican Republic benefits from having a fertile and moist soil, so one of its main resources include the agricultural, planted in regions highly productive and of great vocation for agro tourism (rural). 

This activity will allow you to explore the greenery of our fields, share with local communities and see their lifestyle, also learn about the processes of growing different fruits, the elaboration of its derivatives and the most important to taste the rich flavor of each. With these routes that we are suggesting you will be guaranteed this and much more. [/mpc_textblock][/vc_column][/vc_row]


The “Jamao” Coffee Route (Mirabal Sisters Province)

In this region of “Jamao” you can learn traditional techniques for threshing and grinding coffee beans, and taste it in a typical rural house, this will is an ultimately unique expe-rience.  You will also have the opportunity to hike with guides who will instruct you on coffee on the trails of “El Cafetal”, “La Confluencia” and “La Cueva de los Caños”.

The “Atabey” Coffee Route (Monseñor Nouel Province): 

This tour will take you to a altitude of 950 meters above sea level by three paths: the ecological “El Higo”, “El Cafetal” and the scenic trail “El Candongo”, different from each other by its vegetation, their views and access.

Ecological Park “La Cumbre” or “La Mansión del Café” (Puerto Plata Province): 

Enjoy a cup of the best coffee while researching into the history and culture of the area, its an experience you would really enjoy as the tour includes venturing into the redoubt of a farm with buildings from the early twentieth century, a mansion belonging to the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo located on the tourist road Santiago-Puerto Plata.

The “Polo” Coffee Route (Barahona Province):

In the intermountain valley of “Bahoruco”, between the towns of “Polo” and “Paraiso”, is a well develop agro-tourism project of organic coffee worthy of your visit, and where you may taste coffee of high quality.

The Coffee Route (Samaná Province):

The community of “El Limon” is a scenario where you are accompanied by local guides that will walk you through coffee plantations, will see its harvest process until attaining the aromatic and rich product, and finally enjoy a delicious typical lunch and a dip in the striking “Salto el Limon”.


The Cacao Path (San Francisco de Macorís Province): 

The northeast is the top cacao producing area in the Dominican Republic, generating 61% of the total exports. This trail will take you on a walk between certified organic cacao forests, plant a cacao tree, and learn the whole pro-cess of its production, besides tasting exquisite chocolates.

The Chocolate Route (El Seybo Province): 

This region generates 13% of the annual production of cacao in the country, mostly organic. You will receive all details of how cacao is sow, grow, cut, brew and dried, as well as the steps for the handcrafted preparation of jams, wines and other products. At the end you may enjoy a typical lunch and buy handcrafted items.

The Chocolate Tour (El Seybo Province): 

On this tour you will discover the origin of the chocolate; will see the local culture and enjoy the rich cacao sub-products. The experience includes seeing the process of the transformation of the cacao beans, taste a typical lunch prepared by rural women and the different cacao based products they make.

The Cocoa Route (Monte Plata Province):

Is a rural tour made in various farms in “Yamasá”, where you may see the process of the cacao production, its handling after harvest and the social and environmental impact of its farming. You will have lunch, taste chocolate and also cacao liquor.


Mango Route (Peravia): 

The city of “Bani”, located on the road to the southwest of the country, is the largest producer of mangos in the country. The tour includes visits to mango plantations where visitors will learn about its harvest, while having the opportunity to explore areas such as: “Paya”, “Villa Sombrero”, and “Matanzas, among others.  There are more than 30 different types of mango grown in Dominican Republic.  However, the “Banilejo” is the most famous in the country.

The tour makes around 20 stops that include natural areas that show the diversity of the ecosystems of “Bani”, as well as visiting cultural and historical places which identify the “Bani” Province.


The Ginger Route (Samaná Province): 

In the towns of “Los Naranjos” and “Las Galeras”, is where the production of organic ginger is born, and with it, this interesting excursion that you should take, to learn how it is produced and its harvest in a home garden, even learning that it can be an important ingredient in the elaboration of various dishes which you will be able to taste. The tour has accommodation with basic amenities for those who decide to stay in the area.


THE SUGAR ROUTE (Barahona Province): 

This option provides all the information on sugar cane, starting with the process of its sowing, cutting and transportation to the mill where it is transformed.  You will visit a sugar factory and will know everything about the production of sugar, in addition will be able to explore the ecosystem and environment of the region, have lunch and enjoy an artistic presentation.


Are attractive excursions in different regions of the country where you may choose the one of your preference.   Dominican tobacco is world renowned.

Cigar Factory De García (La Romana Province):

Is one of the most recognized handmade cigar factories, where the most famous brands of Dominican cigars are made, such as “Montecristo”, “H. Upmann”, “Romeo and Julieta”, “Santa Damiana”, and “Don Diego”, among others. They offer an interesting tour of their facilities after which you will understand why the Dominican cigar is one of the best in the world.

E. León Jimenes Center (Santiago Province): 

The museum offers plenty information on the various manufactur ing processes of “La Aurora” Cigar.  A curious fact is that the façade of the museum is a replica of the cigar factory from 1933.

La Aurora (Santiago Province): 

Is a specialized tour offered to tobacco growers or experts in the cigar area. It is required to make a reservation. in advance.

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