To feel the safety of a good backup that provides the effective and essential assistance at the needed time is only possible hiring the services and excursions with a tour operator legally renowned and prepared.


When you buy your excursion to the representative of your tour operator immediately you havefull assurance that you will receive the contracted services. Should you wish to cancel the tour, money would be refunded without any problem. Likewise, if problems are encountered during the trip, the representative will seek solutions.


We have a highly skilled and trained team to preserve the integrity of our visitors, on the road, on each activity.  Your final destination, as your wellbeing is our first priority.

The vehicles used, the guides and services offered in each of the tours, have the proper operation permits granted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.

In addition, the receptive operators’ members of OPETUR are companies that by law have a statutory liability insurance to cover any eventuality that may arise.


The receptive tour operators are also representing the company, the travel agent or the wholesaler from which you bought your holiday.

The travel agency or the wholesaler in your country works directly and relies on the Dominican receptive, so the representative is the liaison whom you should trust to ask any questions, buy your excursions or simply obtain the information you need.


False desk agents or vendors that roam the beaches and around hotels and resorts do not have the proper license to operate despite having ID’s, therefore don’t let yourself be abused, cheated or have an unpleasant time, and don’t get any service they try to sale you.

Lic. Yennis Jimenez Cornielle fué reconocida por su gestión como Gerente Administrativa durante el período de la directiva pasada.


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OPETUR eligió nueva directiva. Felicitamos a el Lic. Mitchell Musa y su plancha, nuevo presidente 2017-2019!


RT @PCBONLINE: Mitchell Musa Banks nuevo presidente de operadores turísticos de #RD @opetur vía @PCBONLINE


OPETUR realiza su Asamblea General. Este año tocan elecciones.


RT @javiernoguera66: Mitchell Musa Banks electo nuevo Pdte. de la Asoc. de Operadores de Turismo Receptivo de Rep. Dominicana…


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